Old Firehouse #12 - drew park (tia east side)
1960 - 1989

Early 1980's

Photo: Steve Brand

1971 (East side of Station)

Photo: Tampa Firefighters Museum

Old Firehouse #12 was originally located in Drew Park as part of Tampa International Airport . Opened in October of 1960 the station housed ARFF units as well as Engine 12 which responded into the Drew Park neighborhood. In 1989, Engine 12 was relocated to the Hilldale neighborhood Station #12 and this station was renumbered as Station #22 and responded only ARFF units covering the east side of TIA. In 2006 the units from Stations #2 and #22 moved to a new facility (Station #2) located in the center of the TIA property. The station above was demolished in 2008.